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Why filing down your teeth? – Modern implant insertion methods are a routine practice nowadays and a painless surgical intervention that preserves your remaining teeth!


Dental implants are the most adequate replacement for the missing tooth root. Titanium, the bio-inert and bio-compatible material they are made of will cause no negative response of the body whatsoever. Dental implants are designed to last a lifetime and are considered to be the most long-term replacement for a missing tooth root. Implantology, or rather, dental implants insertion can resolve the issue of one tooth missing, partial or complete edentulism (toothlessness).


Starts with a clinical examination and insight into the orthopan X-Ray, as well as a 3D X-Ray. A clinical examination helps us establish the overall condition of the mouth. We evaluate the condition of the remaining teeth (if any), the condition of the oral mucous, gums, and the patient’s oral health. 3D X-Ray shows us precisely the amount of bone at our disposal for the implant insertion. At the same time, it shows us the distance of certain anatomical structures from the place where we want to insert the implant. In this way, we find out whether there are chronic diseases or if the patient is taking medication, which could be a counter-indication. The dentist needs to know if there are certain bad habits or any other predisposing factors that can affect the implant insertion or a post-operative course of recuperation.



After we have successfully taken the anamnesis, a detailed treatment plan is made together with the patient.  When implants are inserted, next comes a period of waiting for the osseointegration to be made (3-6 months). After that, we could burden the dental implants with a dental prosthesis, fixed or mobile. If the implants are burdened immediately, this is done with a temporary prosthesis, after which the definitive one is done.


Dental implant price actually depends on the manufacturer, but also on the procedures necessary for their insertion. Some of them include:

Implantology often requires other procedures as well so as to ensure that your gums and jaw are sustainable to have an implanted inserted. Therefore, you may also need the following, when preparing for the dental implant insertion:

Tooth extractionyou may need the removal of the caries-destroyed or broken teeth, so as to make room for a dental implant.

Sinus liftsometimes a necessary intervention that makes room for the implant in your mouth.

Bone graftaugmentation, a complex and rare procedure. Certain patients need the renovation of the jaw bone area so that the jaw could support dental implants.

The price of dental implants entails visiting your dentist (several times – according to the procedure and plan of treatment), his expertise, and sometimes the assistance of other professionals who work on your smile together.

Dental implants Belgrade and Dental tourism

At UpDent Dental Clinic we are proud to say that we are one of the best Implantology clinics in Belgrade. We earned the trust of many foreign clients due to the premium dental tourism services we offer. Many of them came to us exactly because of dental implants insertion, Hollywood smile procedures or zirconia dental crowns.

UpDent Dental Clinic uses exclusively the implant systems of leading world manufacturers, namely: Bredent, Straumann, and Nobel Biocare.

Implant insertion success and its osseointegration rate in UpDent Dental Clinic is 97 percent.

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