Welcome to Dental practice UpDent, an oasis of healthy teeth and beautiful smiles!

UpDent Dental Practice is equipped according to the highest standards. We use only materials of highest quality in our day-to day practice. We perform all kinds of interventions - from aesthetic ones to complex dental procedures.

The foundations of our success and the basic principle of our business operation is that our clients are not merely a number. Your trust and wishes and above all your teeth being healthy come first for us.


UpDent is not a big dental centre. Still, we find this is our advantage. It means we have more patience and more time for you.

We are a young team of successful doctors who are profoundly committed to their profession. We are the dentists who will always provide you with a sincere piece of advice and together we will find the right solution. We are proud of the fact that we are updated with the cutting-edge breakthroughs in dentistry and we strive to be even better by constantly improving ourselves and by cooperating with the very best experts.

UpDent dental practice works as a highly coordinated and skilful team, ready to always be there for you and react in emergency situations.

Children love us, parents trust us.


UpDent dental practice is a place where a smile starts and fear ends.

We insist on the individual approach to every patient. We understand all possible discomfort that may arise when one pays a visit to the dentist. We have personally experienced this fear of a dental examination, especially of the one that has been postponed for a long time. Who has not heard the very famous: Who knows what they are gonna find.

Precisely these experiences are the motivation for our team to be born. For the inspiration to render a service of the highest possible quality which achieves the best functional and aesthetic results with impeccable care. We seek to meet the requirements of every client and to leave behind only smiles and a trauma-free experience. Your next dental appointment will be just that - a mere check-up.


After many years of experience we are proud to have had a great number of satisfied patients, who are at the same time our family, friends and our best letter of recommendation.

Still, we always try to preserve the reputation and trust of our patients. In our dental practice UpDent, you will be received with care and a smile. In a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere you will feel you are in safe hands. Prior to any intervention you can talk to our doctors. You will be informed of all the steps and/or options regarding the care or treatment of your teeth.

Owing to this, our dental practice in Belgrade is not only home to the citizens of Belgrade but to numerous foreign guests and tourists.



An implant is an adequate replacement for the tooth root in the bone. Owing to the implant insertion and its attachment to the surrounding tissue, i. e. the bone it is possible to make up for the missing tooth or a group of teeth.

UpDent dental practice has years of experience with working with implants and offers a variety of prosthetic solutions. These can be: fixed or mobile metal-ceramic crowns, non-metal crowns or bridges, prosthodontics with implants as well as all on four and all on six mountings.


A significant loss of tissue of certain teeth or missing teeth call for reconstruction. Even for an experienced dentist, every prosthetic reconstruction is a new challenge. Nowadays all requirements, both functional and aesthetic, must be met. The end result is, naturally, a perfect smile.


This branch is dedicated to the diagnosis and correction of the irregularities in tooth positioning and surrounding structures. There are no age limitations to orthodontic treatment, however, for adults it lasts longer than it is the case with children. UpDent dental practice dedicates special attention to children and their teeth. The ideal age for orthodontic treatment in children is between the age of 8 and 15 since there are more treatment options for children in adolescence than for the patients whose growth has stopped already. Apart from a beautiful smile, an orthodontic treatment can contribute to a harmonious appearance of our profile. It enables correct chewing, speech improvement and a better oral hygiene. In the long run, it can reduce the possibility of the development of cavities and other parodontal diseases. A pediatric dentist is for us a special title and we approach this noble profession as doctors and educators - for caring for our teeth starts with milk teeth and early oral hygiene habits.


A branch of dentistry that provides diagnosis and treatment of the supporting tooth apparatus and gum diseases. In modern world, paradontal disease is the leading cause of adult tooth loss. The main cause of this disease are the bacteria in dental plaque.

Unless completely removed, the residual dental plaque is with time transformed into dental calculus. The apparition of dental plaque and later on calculus, is caused by an inadequate hygiene. Some of the warning signs are swollen, red or bleeding gums, bad breath and loose teeth and, eventually, tooth loss.

It should be mentioned that it is not only bad hygiene that causes paradontopathy. Genetic predisposition plays an important role when it comes to this disease. Paradontopathy is also related with bad habits such as smoking. It is sometimes caused by a bad prosthetic work, systemic diseases, medication and other. Unless treated on time, these symptoms can even lead to teeth loss. UpDent dental practice

Conservative dentistry

It is based on diagnosis, prevention and treatment of caries. It aims to create healthy, beautiful and functional teeth. Caries is caused by bacteria that are already in the aforementioned dental plaque, which also contains food and saliva. When dental plaque is residual on the teeth, bacteria from it turn sugar from the food into acids that dissolve enamel minerals, which is a primary teeth protection, thus creating cavities. When treating, the most important thing is to remove the caries completely in order to prevent further decay. Caries can be superficial in which case it can be treated only by a filling. Still, when it is deep, the pulp or the nerve is also affected. In these cases it is necessary to prepare the tooth endodontically - clean the tooth root canals, fill them and place the filling on top.

Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry entails a series of different dental treatments that aim to improve the appearance of teeth, gums and smile in general. You have yellow, protruding, damaged or irregular teeth? They can really become shiny, well formed, regular and perfectly white, owing to modern methodology offered by aesthetic dentistry. If you find you need a correction of this kind, contact us! We will convince you of the top-notch results and great experiences from our dental practice. Be motivated to make your first appointment at UpDent dental practice by the fact that these interventions are possible without major discomfort and pain and therefore there is no reason to postpone it any longer.

To start with...

These are just some of the services offered by dental practice UpDent. more on our services together with practical examples you can see on our website - in Gallery or on social networks.

With complete privacy, starting with admission, precise diagnosis and careful treatment planning and administering – You come first.

Welcome to Dental Practice UpDent, a place where Your smile is our pride.

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